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Esko-Graphics Co.,Ltd.

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Proofing systems, DDCP

Data processing / database management systems

Page design/make-up/imposition systems

Workflow systems

CAD systems

Desktop publishing systems, DTP

Raster image processors, RIP

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Esko-Graphics Co.,Ltd.


With the recent spread of remote work, there is a need to improve the efficiency of approval processes and production related to package design development and manufacturing. Focusing on 3D software that can display 3D of package design in Adobe Illustrator, workflow automation solutions, Esko's latest solutions will be introduced.

主な出展内容 Main exhibition contents

Studio for Adobe Illustrator

Studio for Adobe Illustrator

Studio is a plug-in software that allows you to create and edit package 3D with Adobe Illustrator. It reproduces 3D faithful to the CAD and structure of the package, and can be operated in 3D as a digital mockup. It is the best 3D solution that anyone can easily handle and meet the high demands of brand owners.



WebCenter is a comprehensive solution that enables batch management of issue management from platemaking to printing, approval process, storage of platemaking data, etc. on a Web browser. Errors and time for manuscript data processing can be significantly reduced. It can be freely customized according to the customer's environment.

Automation Engine

Automation Engine

The Automation Engine is software that can automate most of the platemaking operations. Tasks for which there are certain rules, such as granting accessories or creating white plates, can be performed with the push of a button. In addition, it is also possible to organize a flow that automatically performs trapping (escape processing). It is a powerful solution that can be linked with our editor software as well as WebCenter.

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Esko-Graphics Co.,Ltd.


West Wing 6F, Telecom Center Building., 2-5-10, Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo, Japan



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