Related to printing and cross-media business will be discussed.

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Focusing on various themes, panel discussions will be held from the brand owner’s perspective. The latest trends in printing technology and themes with a direct connection to marketing, business reform, new business, etc. related to printing and cross-media business will be discussed.

1) The power of print media as seen from the customer's perspective and its effectiveness & availability
New media approaches including cross-media

2) Digital printing products expanding in the field of label packaging
This too?! Background and potential for spreading to familiar products

3) A new style of printing created by hybrid use of offset and digital
Print products are changing so much! Learn their effects and efficiency.

4) The potential of high-speed web-fed inkjet digital printing for commercial print
You can do this too! Print business using web-fed inkjets

5) The current situation of the spread of digital printing in the dramatically changing field of publishing
What will digital printing technology change, and what will be realized?

6) Technology and solutions to capture inbound demand

7) Current situation and issues with aqueous flexographic printing in the field of soft packaging and labeling
How to meet the needs of brand owners

8) Developing markets and added value enhancing by extended gamut and ganging on flexographic printing

9) JapanColor certification scheme digital print certification

Please be aware that seminar presenters and content etc. are subject to change.
How to apply for entry

All of this program will be conducted by Japanese language.Please apply through the IGAS web site of Japanese language.