A thousand-scale tour of Sights


Guided tours will be conducted to allow several thousands of participants to look around the show floor. Three courses will be available: Standard, Theme Focus, Total Trend.

1) Standard course

I introduce the trend of the whole IGAS2018 compactly.
Capacity: 25 people × 12 courses/day time: 50 minutes

2) Total Trend course

We will introduce more of the attractions of IGAS2018 and observe the demonstration of the exhibitors.
Capacity: 30 Persons × 1 course/1 day  Duration: Advance seminar 20 minutes ,Tour 60 Minutes
* We will provide participation information to exhibitors who have cooperated with us for the tour of this course.
* Please note that the total trend tour is not allowed for the participation of manufacturers and vendors.

3) Theme-focused course

A variety of themes are set up to introduce the exhibitors with professional information.
Capacity: 25 persons × 6 courses/day   Time: Advance seminar 20 minutes,Tour 40 minutes

How to apply to take a tour

isit the IGAS2018 official website to apply.
Contact the IGAS office if you cannot access the website.
Entry will be closed as soon as capacity becomes full. However, if there is room in some courses, entry may be accepted on the day.
Please fill out the questionnaire after the tour.

July 26 (Thu)11:00~17:00


July 27 (Fri)~July 31 (Tue)10:00~17:00